We provide complete individual service packages for shipping industry - efficient and cost-optimated.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the equipping ofvarious types of ships, we can carry out maintenance and repair measures as well as ambitious modernization projectsquickly and professionally. It is our pleasure to provide youwith our expertise and experience for your projects.

Our core competence is the professional project management, re-fitting and ship-maintenance, in order to guarantee efficient and individually tailor-made solutions to meet your demands. Direct access as representatives to our European shipyards, we handle cost-optimated and quick all types of vessels like; New-Building, Cargo, Cruiseship, RoRo, LNG, Tanker, Bulker, Ferries or Yachts.

Another benefit in the consolidated cooperation of our various experts: The necessary know-how regarding special topics such as air conditioning, pipe systems and electric installations is available at any time at short and fast routes with our 200pax flying crew. All eventualities can be considered.

This makes our project management very flexible and efficient. This means we retain capacities to put possible design specifications into action in a creative manner and make the best of every project.

Sustainability in High Quality


Our project managers implement tailor-made solutions for cargo, yachts, cruise liners, tanker, bulker and ferries as well as merchant vessels, navy and special ships of any kind.

One main contact person guides you throughout the complete process chain from briefing throughout project management, planning (engineering) up to construction management, fitting, assembly/reconstruction or repair. The best evidence of this is the growing number of our partners.

Excerpt from our Services:

  • Drydocks up to 465 m
  • Re-fitting & New Building
  • Voyage repairs: riding crew, technical assistance
  • Turbo-chargers / Compressors
  • Oil seperators: all spare parts
  • Storage of ship‘s property spare parts
  • Marine equipments
  • Passenger-, Cruise- and Navalships
  • Piping / Scrubber / Liquid Protection
  • Remodelling and modernization

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Inspection | Maintenance | Repair

The world has a very high energy consumption. People are called upon to generate solutions for how energy generation and consumption in the future can be controlled ecologically and economically.

Our team of experts for wind and solar energy draw on sound, years of experience in the areas of approval management, offshore geotechnical engineering, structural design, electrical, cooling and air conditioning management.

We know the legal standards and guide lines as well as the national and international regulations of the offshore industry in detail.

Our specialized departments of the different sub-sections work hand in hand. Therefore we can also find efficient solutions for complex challenges in short and flexible ways.

This is significant for you: You receive everything from one source and can focus on your targets.

110% Core-Competence


At the heart of every offshore wind farm are the wind turbines. Our service covers every form of support for your equipment. We develop the right concept for every technical and logistic requirement and implement it conscientiously with our engineering teams.

We offer our customers the independent and european-wide implementation of retrofits as well as the planning and organization of the necessary logistics.

Our engineers and service technicians are specially qualified/trained for offshore operations. They are available for the safe operation and conservation of your plantations with all their knowledge and readiness.

Excerpt from our Services:

  • 100% on schedule
  • Individual planning, design and installation
  • Plant engineering / engineering
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • GRP Piping Connection
  • Interior fittings/insulation
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

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